Sunday, September 21, 2008

My next step.

Well First I joined a gym. I work out at St. Mary's in Knoxville, in case anybody knows the place. After doing some research on the web I found a guy named Alwyn Cosgrove and I read his blog and I became interested in alot of his ideas and advice. I bought a book he contributed to called "new rules of lifting for men" I really enjoyed this book. The Biggest concept that I learned from Alwyn and my research was total body workouts. Basically you want to work out your whole body to increase your metabolism to burn fat. So if your overweight and trying to lose fat doing tricep kickbacks is not going to get you anywhere. I also wanted to touch on cardio. When I first went to the gym just like most unprepared people I went straight to the treadmill and started running. Well this pretty much stunk. It made my knees hurt and I had no real goal in mind. So after some research I discovered interval training for cardio. I know alot of this is vague but I am working on a ebook that will document all the exercises and cardio routines and the nutrition and meals that I ate. But when I first started I used exercises from the book I mentioned above and I did my cardio routines based in intervals. Oh yeah and at this point I did not eat any fast food or drink any sodas or any drinks with sugar in it. I mainly drank water and to this day I very rarely drink anything other then water. I was really surprised at how fast your body becomes used to water and how it actually starts to crave it after awhile.
Another thing your might be saying to yourself is this is nothing new or I heard this stuff before. well that's okay I am not trying to be innovative or groundbreaking I just want to share I true story that people can believe in and hopefully take some inspiration from.
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

How it all Started

Well I turned 40 and I was very disappointed in my health and my appearance. I felt very Fat and there is no way I would ever take my shirt off in public. I believe I put on all my weight because I have a job that keeps me in my van all day and everyday for 5 straight years I ate fast food for lunch. Plus I was smoking pretty regularly and I didn't have any lung capacity to do anything for more the 10 seconds without stopping to rest. I decided to quit smoking. I did this cold turkey so that may tell you something about my mindset when I set out to do something. Now I was ready to start exercising and getting back in shape. Like most people I decided to research about health and fitness on the web. For some reason the first thing a came across that interested me was "the warrior diet" by Ori Huffacker(sp?) This is basically a extreme diet where you eat one big meal a day at night. I thought hey I can do that, I don't really eat breakfast anyway. Well this diet is very hard to stick with I think I made it about three days, and I felt like I wanted to gorge after I stopped it. So now it was time to find another way to eat. And also find the exercises I wanted to do.

More to come
if somebody actually reads this LOL

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Saying Hi

First I wanted to start off by saying hello. My name is Keith and I want to share with everyone my real world experience. By transforming my body in three short months from a flabby 210 pounds to a lean 179 pounds on my 5 foot 9 frame. I even surprised myself with these results. Later on I am going to share with you exactly how I did it, including what I ate. the exercises I did and the cardio routines I performed. I am gonna tell you about some books I read, some websites I liked and some of the fitness guru's whose blogs I read. You should know that I am not a doctor or a nutritional expert or even a personal trainer. I am just a average 40 year old male who wanted to turn 41 in better shape then I turned 40. I am not going to say this is a full proof plan or that it is easy. But I can promise you this. It is exactly what I did and I lost 31 pounds in three months. I am going to be a little modest here and say while I was in the gym I saw alot of people working there butts off and I didnt see anybody change there body as much as mine did. One more thing if you feel too embarassed to go to the gym because you might have some extra pounds. Get That idea out of your head right now. I had a ton of respect to see someone in the gym doing something to better themselves, alot of times it gave me chills to see someone take charge of there health and fitness.
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